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Delta capitalizes on more than 31 years of collection industry experience to provide you with a comprehensive, strategic solution to your collection and portfolio management needs. Focused on providing innovative solutions, Delta utilizes advanced technology to streamline the collection process. Instead of a “one size fits all” solution, Delta will provide you with a customized tactical plan for account resolution that develops work standards designed to best serve the needs of your portfolio.

As a collection industry expert, Delta will maximize your profits by being more efficient and cost effective in handling your accounts receivable management process. We specialize in delinquent collection, skip tracing and default management solutions so you don’t have to.

Delta offers tailored solutions, including detailed portfolio analysis, outstanding customer service and a targeted approach designed to provide the greatest return for:

Collection Philosophy

Delta’s collection philosophy is based on evaluating the ability of the consumer to resolve all of his/her accounts listed with Delta. We educate the consumer on the importance of repayment and provide him/her with opportunities to prevent you from taking any involuntary collection action.

We execute on this philosophy through a process of continuous training for all staff, immediate response to your inquiries, superior technical support, consistency in providing the type of one-on-one attention you need and deserve, and realizing above average collection recoveries.

Collection associates are trained in meeting the highest level of professional standards, and contact with consumers is always civil and non-threatening and conforms to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Delta believes in taking a counseling approach to resolving consumer accounts that preserves consumers’ rights and ensures they are treated with the same courtesy and respect our collection associates would expect.

We believe in being a force for change in the collection industry by implementing a more rounded approach to account resolution. Our comprehensive collection solutions include:

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