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Management Team

Delta’s executive management team boasts more than 180 years of combined industry experience and an average tenure of 20 years of hands-on involvement developing tailored recovery solutions for our clients. Delta’s talented leadership team consists of diverse individuals with operations, customer service, financial aid and sales experience, providing Delta with a unique perspective of your needs.

David Riordan, Esq. | President

Mr. Riordan has led Delta’s compliance and litigation efforts for more than 11 years. He oversees Delta’s compliance processes, including licensing and collection associate registration, review of collection associate audits, company audit coordination and legal forwarding coordination. Mr. Riordan also manages Delta’s Compliance and Audit department, outside counsel and the non-retained legal counsel employed on a case-by-case basis. Mr. Riordan is a licensed attorney in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, member of the Massachusetts Bar Association and serves on the Board of Directors for the New England Collectors Association.

Keith Venezia | Executive Vice President, Operations

Mr. Venezia has more than 28 years of experience in the collection industry and is the driving force behind the Delta difference. Mr. Venezia focuses his efforts on the quality and efficiency of Delta’s overall collection operations. He specializes in higher education and government receivables and has the key responsibility of ensuring the success of client contracts. Mr. Venezia strives to ensure all departmental collection goals are attained and employees are thoroughly trained on our clients’ particular requirements, as well as all state and federal guidelines.

Danai Griffin | Chief Information Officer

Ms. Griffin is the leader of Delta’s technology infrastructure and a critical member of Delta’s team, bringing innovative uses of technology and ensuring the success of the entire organization. With more than 22 years of collection industry and information technology experience, Ms. Griffin is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of the Information Technology and Account Administration departments. In addition, she manages Delta’s computer and telecommunications system-related activities, the development and maintenance of data transfer and system operations, monitoring and managing all system security commitments, and cash controls.

Susan L. Hogan, CPA | Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Hogan is a proven leader with 23 years of experience in taxation and financial reporting. She specializes in tax knowledge and preparation for corporations, partnerships, estates, trusts, individuals and non-profit entities. In addition, Ms. Hogan is certified by the Massachusetts Board of Public Accountancy as a public accountant. She is responsible for corporate financial and executive management, including internal financial statements, corporate tax returns, budgeting, cost analysis, payroll, and policies and procedures for internal controls.

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